Our Commitment to the Environment

Powderhorn Mountain Resort is committed to preserving and enhancing the natural resources that are at the core of what makes the Grand Valley such a special place. As part of our commitment to sustainable operating practices, we are taking meaningful steps in a number of areas to reduce our environmental impact such as:


Powderhorn deployed a new gravity-fed snowmaking system in 2020, one of the most energy efficient man-made snow operations in North America.

Carpool Parking

One of three parking lots at Powderhorn is now designated as a carpool lot servcing vehicles carrying three or more guests.

Biodegradable Packaging

New this year, guests will find greatly expanded use of biodegradable packaging at the Sunset Grill, Powderhorn Pub, and the Umbrella Bar.

We refer to these as our Eco Values, and you may see some of them designated with a graphic icon noting them as such. As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, Powderhorn, and the other Pacific Group Resorts, have joined the National Ski Areas Association Climate Challenge. The Climate Challenge is designed specifically for ski areas to identify, measure and reduce their direct carbon footprint.

You will see several sustainablity initiatives while you are visiting that have been implemented to make a positive difference. Recycling, changes in packaging, no-idling zones, more efficient lighting, the replacement of older less effcient snowmaking equipment, and new lower energy alternatives are a few examples. 

We recognize Powderhorn is a very small part of a very large global issue. At the same time we recognize that no matter how big the challenge is, a good company should lead by example. We hope guests will join the Powderhorn team in making a positive impact while you are enjoying the spectacular outdoors. 

NSAA Sustainable Slopes

In October of 2020 Powderhorn Mountain Resort completed all requirements for Sustainable Slopes - Climate Change Action from the National Ski Area Association. 

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