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Uphill Access is Open

Please be aware that you may encounter snowmaking and/or grooming operations at any time. If skinning during low visibility, please use high-vis clothing, headlamps, and other safety equipment to ensure mountain operations staff can see you. Stick to designated uphill routes. Per USFS rules, dogs are not allowed on the mountain at any time. Ski Patrol is not available to assist post-season, please call 911 for emergencies.
Uphill skiers are required to have an uphill access ticket and/or arm band during operating hours. Uphill tickets are $5, Uphill season passes are $29 - prices do not include $5 reloadable RFID card fee; purchase in the ticket office on arrival. If you have a regular Powderhorn Season Pass, uphill access is complimentary but you must still check in at the ticket office to pick up an arm band.

  • All skiers must abide by the Skier’s Responsibility Code.


  • During operating hours (9am-4pm): Uphill access is restricted to the hiker’ right (downhill skier’s left) of Dude, Tenderfoot, Red Eye, Maverick, and Greenhorn to the bottom of the Wonderbump race course. Outside of operating hours (4pm-9am): Uphill access is restricted to Bill's Run.

  • You must ensure that you are visible to downhill traffic at all times.

  • The mountain may be closed to uphill access when avalanche control, snowmaking, race training, or other special activities are taking place.

  • Uphill users are warned that snowmobiles, snowmaking equipment, snow grooming, winch cat cables and other  equipment may be encountered at any time on the mountain and you are responsible to stay clear of such equipment.

  • Ski Patrol clears the mountain of all guests and employees at the end of operation hours every day. If you are on the mountain at this time you will be advised that the area is closed and there will be no further ski patrol assistance.

  • Users accessing the mountain outside of normal operating hours do so at their own risk. Operation conditions may be variable including, but not limited to: closures removed for grooming operation, unfinished grooming activities, and limited visibility.

  • Terrain Parks are closed outside operational hours.

  • Entering closed terrain is prohibited. It is the user’s responsibility to know what is open or closed.

  • Dogs are not allowed on the mountain at any time.

  • Sledding is not permitted on the mountain at any time.


Uphill Policy

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