What To Know Before Visiting From A Partner Resort

Guests Visiting From Partner Resorts

Powderhorn Mountain Resort welcomes guests from Partnered Resorts to use their alloted days here this season, but with a few changes from past seasons due to COVID-19 guidelines.

This season all partner resort guests must fill out the form below a minimum of 48 hours in advance to receive their complimentary day ticket. Day tickets can be picked up at the outdoor Ticket Office window, with your valid season pass from your partnered resort, and a screenshot of your form submission confirmation. 

Each individual visitor needs to have a form filled out, but families may have one form with additional members listed.

Please note that this is a reservation, it does not check your customer profile, therefore if you are out of allotted days to Powderhorn this form will NOT notify you. If you are unsure of how many days you have used, please call us at 970.268.5700 and check before submitting your reservation. This season we cannot issue lift tickets without an online 48-hour advance reservation, so if you are out of allotted Partner Resort days and show up at our window, we CANNOT give you a ticket. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your cooperation and patience.  

If you have any questions please call 970.268.5700. 

Military Discounts

Military personnel may also use this reservation form to secure a discounted Lift Ticket. Form must be filled out 48 hours in advance, and a military ID must be presented at the Ticket Window. 

Looking for Rentals and Lessons?

Guests visiting from Partnered Resorts must reserve their Rentals and Lessons online, 48 hours in advance. Please use buttons below to reserve Rentals and Lessons.
Unsure if your resort has a partnership? Visit our Season Pass page here for a complete list of Partnered Resorts.

Prior to Your Arrival

Prior to visiting Powderhorn from a Partner Resort, please review our COVID-19 procedures using the link below. Resort policy may vary from your home mountain, we appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your visit at Powderhorn!

3rd Party Tic. Reservations

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